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[community profile] iam уυиα • also called Yunie or even just Yu/Y. Female. ♒ sun/moon, ♎ rising. 5'6". Daughter of the High Summoner(s). Aspiring scholar. Singer. Philosopher. Writer. Postgraduate student dreaming of her Ph.D. Green-eyed brunette. Japcasian. Ex-long-distance swimmer. Training as a classical singer (soprano, coloratura). Walks in both the steps of her scholastic surrogate fathers as well as her own dreams. Balances INFP/INFJ personality types evenly. Enneagram types 9 and 2.

persona ↬ Spiritual. Artistic. Shy and quiet unless drawn out of her shell by certain someones. :) A practical optimist and idealist. Friendly but a bit skeptical. Musical. Giving to the point of (sometimes) unintended self-sacrifice. Worries endlessly. Humanitarian. A bit athletic. Sensitive and vulnerable, yet strong-willed. Learning Has finally learned to stick up for herself. Forgives but does not forget. Aloof. Sarcastic. Indecisive at times. Politically liberal, though hates choosing sides. Perfectionist. Sharp-minded. Intelligent yet still called gullible and naïve frequently with affection. Philosophises often. Wide-eyed and pensive. Adventurous. Spontaneous. Both a good listener and a good conversationalist. Puts the blame on herself before others. Often caught reminiscing, in daydream, or in song.

enjoys ↬ singing at both lessons and for fun at KTV, stories (both sharing and listening), reading, writing, seeing people in smiles, being outdoors, praying at temples, fashion (though it's more of a light hobby), piecing things together, conversations both deep and filled with laughter, swimming (especially in the ocean), visiting tea houses, Tai Chi/Taijiquan, practically anything that has to do with water (except the rain), sunsets, stargazing, traveling, learning, playing video games, dining out or ordering in

despises ↬ cold weather, insects, the rain, not understanding something, studying (learning =/= studying), mathematics, getting talked into something (though it happens ALL the time), dishonesty, being taken advantage of, shallowness, visits to the dentist

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